Thursday, January 30, 2014

Window Tint

Everyone wants to have a nice house they can show off to family and friends. One of the features that makes houses more appealing is the use of big glass windows. If you see below, you really can’t see much of the houses, but they still look pretty amazing, don’t they?! And that is because big windows look fancy; they really embellish your house and they also make it look more spacious.

The downside is that if you live in a hot area and you have big windows all over your house the heat inside your home can really increase. Also, if you have the AC on but the sun is entering through your big windows, your energy bills are likely to increase as the AC will have a harder time trying to cool off your house. In addition, if your windows are right next to a living room it makes it really uncomfortable because you will be receiving all the glare.

Another concern is privacy. While most people would agree that it’s great being able to look out the window, especially if you have a nice view, they usually don’t feel comfortable with people from outside being able to look inside. And yes that’s an easy fix if you just get curtains but then that’s another responsibility. You’ll have to be taking care of the curtains, and every morning as you are on your way out you’ll need to remember to close the curtains so that strangers aren’t able to look inside.

But don’t sweat it! There is a solution. You can get window tint which will cut down on UV rays so you’ll be able to sit in your living room without being bothered by the sunlight. No more unbearable heat during summer days, either! Just take a look at the huge difference a little tint makes! You can contact a window or tint company and they will be able to add tint so neither you nor your energy bill suffer.

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