Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stained Glass Partition

A few years ago, my brother’s adult daughter lost her job and had to move in with him for a while to make ends meet. My brother and his wife had plenty of space in their house, but they didn’t have a regular bedroom available for her.  My brother decided to convert the rarely-used formal dining room into a bedroom.  It was easy enough to build a temporary well with a door around the dining room.  There was just one problem: the kitchen had an access window cutout into the dining room.  Hanging curtains wouldn’t provide enough privacy and would clash with the kitchen design.  In order to solve the problem, my brother’s wife suggested stained glass.

At first I thought the idea was crazy.  To me, stained glass was old-fashioned and would make their house look like a church.  But then she started showing me some ideas she had found online and in magazines.  I was surprised to see that stained glass could build on a rustic, elegant or even modern aesthetic.   When my sister-in-law had settled on a design, they took it to a decorative glass professional.  He created the colored glass pane and they installed it as a window, so that when the daughter moved out, the kitchen could be connected to the dining room once more. 

My brother´s daughter was extremely happy and grateful for the privacy provided by the installation of the decorative window.  She ended up finding a new job and leaving the house after about six months, but the family still has the stained glass window, which they consider to be an outstanding home improvement.  They are always receiving compliments about how unique and colorful their kitchen looks.  And now, who knows?  I might even be inspired to add a touch of stained glass to my home.

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