Thursday, January 9, 2014

Glass Shelves

Over the years, people acquire more and more stuff and they run out of places to put them. I’ve noticed that many of my friends have boxes just lying around the house with stuff that didn’t fit in the furniture. If you don’t have any more furniture available to put all the ornaments people give you for your birthday or the thousands of stuff animals and action figures that belong to your children, a good way to stay organized and neat is to install glass shelves.

Glass shelves can serve many purposes, from placing ornaments and picture frames, to bath towels and you can even install them in the shower to put your shampoo, soap, and anything else you need. Usually you use something like what you see on the left picture for your bathroom shower but don’t you hate it how after a few months they’re all rusty!? Changing to small glass shelves would be an easy fix for that particular problem!

As if that wasn’t enough, glass shelves can simply be installed to the wall, which doesn’t really take much space like regular furniture. If you have a small house or are looking for furniture for a tiny room, you should consider getting glass shelves because they take less space from the room and they are also much easier to clean.

While you might agree with all the advantages that glass shelves provide, you may have certain concerns about using them because glass is very fragile and you run the risk of having any object fall on it and break it. Thus, we use tempered safety glass which makes it a lot more resistant and in the case the glass does break, tempered glass is made so that when it breaks it does so into such little pieces that they are practically harmless. So don’t hesitate and get your glass shelves now, I know I will! 

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