Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wood Framed Mirrors

Imagine going into a bathroom in a mall, a restaurant, an office or any other public place. Probably you
imagined a bathroom with a common area, a few sinks, and several bathroom stalls. Usually those types of bathrooms have several sinks and above they have a big wall mirror, kind of like this. That is fine but it’s so mainstream. Years go by, and maybe it’s time for a change! Everywhere you go, all public bathrooms look the same.

If you own a business, especially if it’s something sophisticated like a classy restaurant, maybe you should mark the difference. Everything in a business matters, from the quality of the products and services to the design of the building, including the bathroom. Just like people don’t like to go to places with uncomfortable parking spaces, people wouldn’t like to go to a place where the bathroom is ugly.

A good idea is replacing the big common wall mirror by something with a more aesthetic aspect. Using small framed mirrors instead of a single big one is a good idea to make the bathroom look prettier and to not just get what’s standard. Differentiation is an important part of life, whether it’s for your business or for your home, it’s always nice to add something extra.

Just take a look at the two pictures. The first one definitely looks like the typical bathroom in all the malls and restaurants I have ever gone to. But the second picture is a lot nicer. If you think about it, it’s nothing fancy or elaborate but it’s just different. The wood framed mirrors are really simple but they look a lot better than a huge wall mirror. In addition, wall mirrors tend to be really expensive so these cute framed mirrors may even help you save a few bucks! 

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