Thursday, January 30, 2014

Window Tint

Everyone wants to have a nice house they can show off to family and friends. One of the features that makes houses more appealing is the use of big glass windows. If you see below, you really can’t see much of the houses, but they still look pretty amazing, don’t they?! And that is because big windows look fancy; they really embellish your house and they also make it look more spacious.

The downside is that if you live in a hot area and you have big windows all over your house the heat inside your home can really increase. Also, if you have the AC on but the sun is entering through your big windows, your energy bills are likely to increase as the AC will have a harder time trying to cool off your house. In addition, if your windows are right next to a living room it makes it really uncomfortable because you will be receiving all the glare.

Another concern is privacy. While most people would agree that it’s great being able to look out the window, especially if you have a nice view, they usually don’t feel comfortable with people from outside being able to look inside. And yes that’s an easy fix if you just get curtains but then that’s another responsibility. You’ll have to be taking care of the curtains, and every morning as you are on your way out you’ll need to remember to close the curtains so that strangers aren’t able to look inside.

But don’t sweat it! There is a solution. You can get window tint which will cut down on UV rays so you’ll be able to sit in your living room without being bothered by the sunlight. No more unbearable heat during summer days, either! Just take a look at the huge difference a little tint makes! You can contact a window or tint company and they will be able to add tint so neither you nor your energy bill suffer.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Custom Cut Glass Table Top

Maybe for a while now you’ve been dying to get a glass table top for your dining table or any other piece of furniture but you think you won’t be able to get one given the unique shape of your table. Well lucky for you there are professional glass and mirror companies that are able to custom-cut glass table tops to fit perfectly into your furniture. Make sure you get a company with a strong reputation because cheap work usually leads to cheap results. Custom-cutting glass is not a job for anyone and if you get someone who’s not experienced to do it he might mess up the measurements or not place it right. That’s especially true with a complex shape like the one in the picture.

Glass table tops provide extra style to your furniture. In addition, it helps protect them from scratches, nicks, and other damages. Maybe you want to get a glass table top because you hate having to be looking everywhere for the one coaster you have left (since all of the others simply disappeared!)  before being able to put your glass on the table. Or maybe you are that one person who is just tired of his/her guests coming over for dinner who simply refuse to put the glass on the coaster even though the coasters are right there on the table!

You shouldn’t have to stress about your children or guests messing up your wood. You should contact a glass company immediately so they can custom-cut a glass table top for any of your furniture so that you are finally able to put glasses wherever you want without having to worry about the consequences.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Glass Buildings

If you are wondering where this amazing, colorful glass building is located then the answer is Saint-Cloud France and it’s a Sports and Leisure Center. It is stained and lit with pixelated color. That building is only one example of the incredible glass structures that exist in our modern world. Another mind blowing glass structure is the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, China, which you can see in the picture below. 

There is no doubt that glass structures, even if they are not as sophisticated as these two, look a lot fancier, sophisticated, and modern. But that’s not the only reason why many buildings are now made of glass.

There are a few properties that make glass highly valued. For starters, it provides protection against heat or cold. Because of that, glass can save a lot of money when it comes to energy bills. Tempered or laminated glass makes glass difficult to break. Tempered glass is more impact-resistant than regular glass but when it does break, it does so into really tiny fragments to avoid deep cuts. Then, laminated glass is practically impossible to break. In case you didn’t know, the right type of glass can also be fire-resistant! What it does is that it stops or limits heat radiation for anything from 30 to 120 minutes.

Are you one of those persons (like myself) that are constantly worrying about bacteria and hygiene? I have good news for you! Antibacterial glass eliminates 99% of bacteria! Or if you are tired of your loud neighbors you can get acoustic insulation glass which highly reduces noise pollution in your home or office.

Certain glasses have incredible properties which can really increase the value of your home as well as your comfort. If you are interested in any of this, you can contact a professional glass company and let them help you out!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Emergency Glass Repair

I don’t know why but I happen to find houses with glass fronts simply irresistible! I think glass makes everything beautiful, clear, and super neat!  Or maybe it’s just because they are different from the boring houses with concrete walls. While glass is great, you should always try to hang cute curtains so that your privacy isn’t compromised. Glass is really pretty but a common concern is that all of your items in the house are exposed. If bad people happen to be passing by and they see a house with those huge glass windows they immediately think easy target.

It’s especially dangerous to have valuable items at sight because maybe someone was not particularly interested in breaking into your house, but they see that one thing they really want, maybe your computer or brand-new TV, and they start planning for the break-in! Just to be a little safer you might want to install an alarm system to scare everyone who tries to break in.

Besides burglars, glass can be a risky choice because it’s fragile and even though you can get laminated or toughened glass it’s still more likely to break than walls, you don’t say. So if something were to happen to those pretty glass windows you should get them repair ASAP! Whether the burglars broke your window to enter the house or it was an unfortunate accident when your kid was playing baseball with his friends, it’s not safe to have a broken window. That would allow easy access for more burglars. There are several glass companies that offer emergency glass repair so don't wait too long to contact someone, you shouldn’t worry about it because I’m sure you’ll be able to find a company that offers same day service. Maybe they won’t be able to repair it immediately but at least they can offer you board-up service. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tempered Glass Panels

Tempered glass, also known as toughened glass, is a kind of safety glass that has gone through chemical treatments in order to increase its strength. Given that tempered glass is a lot stronger than regular glass, it is more impact resistant. However, that is not the only quality that makes tempered glass safer. That type of glass is made in such way that if it were to break, the glass would crumble into a million tiny pieces making it almost harmless, or at least a lot less likely to cause deep cuts.

Given the safety of tempered glass, it is usually used in glass panels. Tempered glass panels can be used in many different places and environments. For instance, it can be used in commercial locations to separate one office from another. It can also be used in residential locations to decorate the house and separate rooms like the kitchen and living room without confining them to walls.

Tempered glass panels are a lot more decorative than plain walls and they can mark a separation between rooms but without dividing them completely. If you are going to use glass panels as a way to decorate your house and distinguish it from others, you can add certain designs to make them look more unique. Glass panels are great for you if you are looking to slightly divide two rooms but you still want to be able see what’s going on in the other room or if you want something different than what people usually have in their homes.

I think when it comes to interior designing, glass panels are a great way to enhance a house. A good idea of where you could use glass panels is between the kitchen and the dining room. And like I mentioned before you don’t have to be afraid of the glass breaking because it’s very resistant. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Glass Shelves

Over the years, people acquire more and more stuff and they run out of places to put them. I’ve noticed that many of my friends have boxes just lying around the house with stuff that didn’t fit in the furniture. If you don’t have any more furniture available to put all the ornaments people give you for your birthday or the thousands of stuff animals and action figures that belong to your children, a good way to stay organized and neat is to install glass shelves.

Glass shelves can serve many purposes, from placing ornaments and picture frames, to bath towels and you can even install them in the shower to put your shampoo, soap, and anything else you need. Usually you use something like what you see on the left picture for your bathroom shower but don’t you hate it how after a few months they’re all rusty!? Changing to small glass shelves would be an easy fix for that particular problem!

As if that wasn’t enough, glass shelves can simply be installed to the wall, which doesn’t really take much space like regular furniture. If you have a small house or are looking for furniture for a tiny room, you should consider getting glass shelves because they take less space from the room and they are also much easier to clean.

While you might agree with all the advantages that glass shelves provide, you may have certain concerns about using them because glass is very fragile and you run the risk of having any object fall on it and break it. Thus, we use tempered safety glass which makes it a lot more resistant and in the case the glass does break, tempered glass is made so that when it breaks it does so into such little pieces that they are practically harmless. So don’t hesitate and get your glass shelves now, I know I will! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Glass Shower Doors

Take a look at these two showers. There’s clearly a difference between them: the left picture shows a bathroom with the typical curtains and the right one shows a bathroom with neat shower doors. Such small detail can make a huge difference because you can’t deny the fact that the shower doors make the bathroom look a lot more modern. That reason alone should be enough for anyone to want to remodel their bathrooms. When you think of remodeling you imagine you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars and that it will take forever. But it doesn’t have to be that way, if you just make a small change like simply putting glass shower doors you will have made a small remodeling but the results will be great.

Some people might be hesitant to get glass shower doors because they are used to a little more privacy than shower curtains provide. Well, you can always lock the door, just kidding. If you want more privacy you can simply get satin etched glass and you will feel more comfortable because satin etched glass makes it non-transparent. 

Showerdoors are obviously more sophisticated but that’s not the only reason why they are a better option. Shower curtains tend to get dirty often and you have to be washing them, which is a bit difficult given how big and heavy they are. Shower doors are much easier to clean because for starters, you don’t have to move them to wash them. Another common mistake people make is thinking that shower doors are for bigger bathrooms or showers but not necessarily. If you have a tiny bathroom you simply get smaller shower doors. 

If you look online you’ll find so many blogs and articles of why you should change to shower doors because simply everyone loves them! Don’t get left behind and join the huge amounts of people who have thrown away their shower curtains to replace them with more stylish shower doors! To give you a little push, here’s a really good article about how to clean shower doors! Enjoy!

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