Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Best Shape for Your Glass Door Bathrooms

You probably may have noticed that some of the most elegant homes that are featured on TV or the movies have glass door bathrooms and some not only glass doors but are made of glass altogether. Whenever I watched one of those movies, I got the same feeling: ‘’I totally want one!’’ my feeling however, was accompanied by lingering doubt about the shape that I should adopt for my bathroom. I think the conventional square-shaped shower is just too common and hexagonal or cylindrical designs are just too architecturally complicated. In the interests of staying budget-friendly and trying to reach a middle ground between my imagination and unavoidable realism, I opted for a quadrangular shape which certainly gave me a lot more mobility inside the shower and looked very esthetically appealing.

People often say this and it may sound like cliché but whenever you like what you see you just want to be around it a little more. Now, I don’t want to give the impression that I didn’t shower as much before I went with a glass door bathroom but I definitely enjoy my showers more now! I enjoy looking at it while I brush my teeth and I do stare at it with a proud look on my face about my choice because of how good and elegant it looks.

I have often come across misperceptions about these doors or panels being too fragile which is not at all the case. Glass doors are more durable and thicker than regular glass which makes them stronger and more resistant. I have conservatively speaking fell at least twice while in the shower sometimes leaning towards the crystal by inertia and I have yet to see a dent on it. Elegance, functionality and durability are the trifecta of a good design concept, if you can manage to have it affordable, then you have hit the jackpot!

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