Monday, June 30, 2014

My New Guest Room Project

We are building an extra room in the back of our house for my mom who comes to visit every 6 months and other guests who come every year. We’ve been having people sleep inside the house but we’ve turned our guest room into our much needed office. This new office space has made working from home so much enjoyable but we no longer have a spot to host our guests! In addition to that, we wanted to have a new room for when we have pest control services spray the house. This room will be like our little “get-away” from the usual. We’re making it very modern and elegant, buying everything new. Since the bathroom space will be small, we will have a shower enclosure…something I’ve always wanted.

All the planning of the new room has gotten me reflecting on our current room. The new room will be so much nicer that I have been considering making this room ours instead. The downside is that the new room is not attached to the main house and if someone was to try to break in we wouldn’t hear them. I have talked to my husband and we are considering getting a security system installed for our home. Although nothing is a guaranteed, this security system will give us a peace of mind. We are also getting a dog, and even though I feel it is a big responsibility to take care of a dog, it could really help us keep the house safer.

A month into the construction of the new room the workers have finished the bathroom and added the pretty shower enclosure I had been longing for. I’m excited to see how the rest of the room will turn out but I have not told my mom about it yet because I am still deciding whether I should keep this room for ourselves or our guests. I hope I make the right decision!

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