Monday, March 3, 2014

Custom Mirrors

A couple of months ago, Americans were remembering the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas. At the time, I was in California and I remember the weather being pretty chilly, not cold, just chilly. I remember the networks must have run what seemed like endless strings of documentaries and movies of the late President and all I could think of besides the great tragedy was… man, what great hair this guy had!

I have read on fashion and style magazines that hairstyles are very cyclical and we are somehow regressing to retro trends so I figured, hey! I’ll cut my hair just like President Kennedy! I managed to do so, hardly coming close to the great thickness and unmatched aura of glamour there was to it. I still needed it perfectly kempt without overdoing it with hair products, so I went to the attic and brought this custom mirror my mom had. It somehow zoomed in on one side and made you slimmer with the other side (talk about your ultimate style tool)!

I realized that mirror helped me see a lot of things that were wrong with me such as plaque on my teeth, oily skin, abnormally thick eyebrows etc. It helped me notice a lot of flaws and when the optical illusion of the ‘’slim side’’ went away, I noticed I was on the edge of becoming overweight. I don’t like to talk about my appearance or discuss these things with my friends but I will anonymously post it here because well, I can help you with your personal appearance. I had a big size custom mirror installed on my closet door a couple of weeks ago so I could see myself in a kind of 360 degree angle, therefore helping me notice any issues with my attire; let’s say I missed a button or my shirt had a spot or wrinkle, just simple things that are not so simple once you have a big event coming up.

Appearances matter, people always say that you are judged by what’s on the inside but I have learned the hard way that’s hardly ever the case, so I do appreciate my custom mirrors for helping me improve my image by just fixing myself up every morning and leaving the house just a little better dressed, better combed and with my shoes a little shinier. It really doesn’t hurt and they are quite affordable!

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